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British Minister: Karabakh conflict 'will require courage, difficult decisions and compromises'

Read: 586     15:41     14 February 2019    

The UK fully supports the OSCE Minsk Group’s role in the peace process and encourages Azerbaijan and Armenia to accelerate efforts to build confidence and achieve a negotiated settlement.

British Minister of State for Europe and the Americas and the Member of Parliament (MP) Alan Duncan said in an interview with Report.az.

"We recognise that finding a solution to this conflict will require courage, difficult decisions and compromises from all sides. We encourage all those concerned to act in good faith to make an agreement happen," Alan Duncan said.

"While the UK does not play a direct role in the Minsk Group, we fully support the efforts of the American, French and Russian Co-Chairs and encourage the sides to engage constructively in the negotiation process," said the British Minister.


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