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27 years pass since Armenian occupation of Aghdere district

Read: 397     09:00     07 July 2020    

Today, twenty-seven years passed since the occupation of the Azerbaijani town of Aghdara by the Armenian Armed Forces.

The occupation of Aghdara was accompanied by inhuman mass crimes.

The Armenian invaders used heavy military equipment - the residents were fired from tanks, many villages were burned to the ground, and several helicopters which took civilians out of the battle zone were brought down. As a result of these crimes, hundreds of civilians were killed and wounded, including women, elderly and children. Nothing is known about the fate of the prisoners and missing persons.

Armenians attacked on Aghdara from several directions. At the same time, heavy military equipment was used - tanks, artillery and mortars. As a result, thousands of Aghdara residents were expelled from their places of permanent residence, where no Azerbaijani remained.

 “When I was offered a job in Aghdara city, I moved from our village closer to the center. The views of Armenians living in the center of the district was very different from those who lived in our village. There were a lot of nationalists. I remember very well how, prior to the beginning of all these events, a group of Armenian officials came to our school. One of them said to another: the changes will start from here, from Nagorno-Karabakh. Then I wondered what he wanted to say. And literally the next day, the principal of the school called me and said: What I’m telling you now, do not spread to others. Yesterday in Agdara, all the Armenians took to the demonstration on the longest road of the district and shouted "We unite". At that time in the Soviet Union for us it was an unprecedented sight. Then I realized what the Armenian wanted to say,” Mayil Dostuyev, an IDP from Aghdara district said.

Nearly the entire population of the city came to protect their native lands. Detachments of volunteers also came from Baku. Among them was the soldier Aziz Humbatov, an oil refinery worker and just a patriot of his homeland. Learning about the Armenians' attack on Agdara, Aziz Humbatov immediately went to protect the territorial integrity of his native Azerbaijan. He died at the hands of Armenian terrorists.

During the occupation of Agdara, hundreds of families lost their relatives and friends, hundreds of civilians were wounded, captured and hundreds are still missing.

Now Agdara is under the Armenian occupation. But the IDPs believe and expect that the day when the Armenian-occupied Azerbaijani lands will be liberated is not far off.


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