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Armenia violates ceasefire with Azerbaijan 23 times

Read: 786     09:29     07 February 2020    

Military units of the armed forces of Armenia violated ceasefire 23 times throughout the day in various direction of the front.

Armenian armed forces, located in Berkaber village of Ijevan region and on nameless hills in Krasnoselsk region fired at the positions of the Azerbaijan Army located in Gizilhajili village of Gazakh region and on nameless hills in Gadabay region.

The positions of Azerbaijan Army were also fired from the positions of Armenian military units located near the occupied Bash Garvand village of Aghdam region, Garakhanbayli, Gorgan villages of Fuzuli region, well as from the positions located on nameless hills in Goranboy, Terter, Aghdam and Khojavend regions.


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