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Syrian Army repels Nusra Front attack in Hama province - Russian military

Read: 540     11:42     28 May 2019    

The Syrian government forces repelled an attack by militants from the Al-Nusra Front* terrorist group in the north of Hama province on the night of May 26, which was carried out with support of tanks and multiple-launch rocket systems (MLRS), the Russian centre for Syrian reconciliation said Monday.

According to the centre's commander, Maj. Gen. Viktor Kupchishin, about 450 terrorists, seven tanks, five infantry fighting vehicles, and 12 off-road vehicles with large-calibre machine guns participated in the attack on the positions of the government forces near the town of Kafr Nabudah.

The attack was supported by rocket fire from three MLRS systems.

"During the defensive battle, the Syrian government forces destroyed three tanks, two MLRS systems, an infantry fighting vehicle, six off-road vehicles with heavy machine guns and killed about 100 militants," Kupchishin said at a daily news briefing.

Earlier, Russian military reported that terrorists launched 38 rockets from the Idlib de-escalation zone on Syria's Al Suqaylabiyah, leaving 5 civilians dead and 12 more injured.



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