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Ex-Head of Pakistan Inter-Services Intelligence: “One day Azerbaijan will have to return its lands through military means” – EXCLUSIVE

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by Seymur Mammadov

We would like to present yet another article from the chain “Foreign Experts on Karabakh Conflict”, where eminent political analysts, historians and experts share their views on the situation in the Azerbaijani territories occupied by Azerbaijan. The purpose of this series of articles is to attract the attention of foreign expert community towards the Nagorno-Karabakh problem.

This time our expert is the former director of Inter-Services Intelligence of Pakistan (1993-1995), Lieutenant General Javed Ashraf Qazi (born 4 September, 1941). He is currently a Senator in the Parliament of Pakistan. During his army career, Qazi headed the Inter-Services Intelligence from 1993 to 1995 and Military Intelligence from 1990 to 1991. During his political career, he served as a cabinet minister under President-General Pervez Musharraf, first as Communications Minister (2000–2002) and then as Education Minister (2004–2007).

The expert says Azerbaijan has Islamabad’s full support in the Karabakh issue and Pakistan will always stay loyal to this position.

‘We believe that Nagorno-Karabakh and adjacent seven regions have been illegally occupied by Armenia. Official Yerevan has to execute the resolutions by the UN Security Council on Karabakh and leave the territories, which are temporary under its control. We also have a similar problem. There are resolutions on the Kashmir issue, but no one seems to be bothered’, Qazi said.

The ex-head of Pakistani Intelligence says that one day Azerbaijan will have to redeem its territories through military means.

‘We would like to train Azerbaijani officers and are ready to supply Azerbaijan with weapons we produce. Pakistan boasts a well-developed weapon production and has almost achieved full self-sustainability. We have offered our friends the JF 17 combat aircrafts and Al Khalid tanks, which stand out with their high quality and have been tested in combat operations. I think Azerbaijan can afford to purchase such strategic weapons. The Azerbaijani delegation of military experts may visit Pakistan and check the quality of such military equipment. Pakistan is also developing other types of armaments. I am confident that further that strengthening military cooperation between our two countries will elevate our mutual relations even more’, Qazi said.

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