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Russia conducts a special operation in the Atlantic against US Navy and France

Read: 932     15:29     17 March 2020    

The large-scale NATO exercise Defender Europe 20, which began in February in the Euro-Atlantic area, was marked by the launch of the US Navy aircraft carrier-multipurpose group (ACMG) led by the flagship USS carrier Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69) (Dwight Eisenhower).

The big game Washington started in this region caused the activation of the Russian Navy and long-range aircraft. Experts believe that the General Staff of the Russian Federation is conducting a special operation involving a conditional retaliatory strike on the ACMG of the US naval forces and the ACMG of France, led by the aircraft carrier FS Charles de Gaulle.

Based on data exclusively from open sources, we get the following picture, experts from the Operational Line draw attention.

On February 20, the Stoikii corvette of the Baltic Fleet, as part of a troop of ships, leaves Baltiysk for the course to the Atlantic (it is not known where it is now). Since February 23, the US Navy cruiser Vella Gulf (CG-72) has been escorting the Benavidez T-AKR306 supply vehicle and the Resolve cargo ship transporting equipment to Europe under the Defender Europe 2020 training plan (supposedly in the area of east of the Azores).

Not later than February 26, the Northern Fleet’s ocean tugboat “Nikolai Chiker” begins its movement from the base on the Kola Peninsula, estimated in the direction of the Azores. As of March 6, he was in the Celtic Sea, maintaining the general course to the south. The question whether he is walking alone or not remains open.

In February – March, the Northern Fleet command sends (three times in 11 days) first to the central and southern parts of the Norwegian Sea, and then noticeably south of its long-range anti-submarine aircraft and Tu-142 reconnaissance aircraft of various modifications.



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