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UNC agrees to inter-Korean military agreement

Read: 328     11:33     19 October 2018    

The United Nations Command(UNC) has reportedly agreed to the content of the military agreement signed last month after the inter-Korean summit in Pyongyang. 

A military official in Seoul told KBS that the U.S.-led UNC agreed to all the terms of the agreement on Thursday, wrapping up the internal approval process. 

The official said that the UNC will issue a statement on Friday expressing its official, full support of the agreement. 

The inter-Korean military agreement includes pulling out some guard posts and establishing a no-fly zone in the heavily fortified Demilitarized Zone and disarming the Joint Security Area in the buffer zone, as part of measures to halt acts of cross-border hostilities on land, sea and air. 

There had been speculation that the U.S. was raising issue with the content of the agreement, leading to an absence of the UNC's approval.

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