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Azerbaijani president ratifies MoU with Turkey on joint military drills

Read: 310     17:06     12 October 2021    

President Ilham Aliyev on Tuesday signed a law approving the Memorandum of Understanding on the joint exercises of the Special Forces of the Azerbaijani Army and the Turkish Armed Forces, Defence.az reports.

The document was signed on July 2, 2021, in Baku.

The memorandum envisages the regulation of the arrival/departure of Azerbaijani and Turkish special forces into the country during the exercises and other issues.

The document is valid for one year. It will be extended for another year unless one of the parties notifies the other in writing through diplomatic channels at least 90 days before the expiration of the memorandum.

According to the memorandum, the delegation of the sending country's team will depart with enough medicine and equipment for a pre-determined relocation period.

The host country will provide emergency medical services and emergency evacuation services free of charge to the staff of the sending country. The insurance premiums of the team of the sending country will be paid by the sending government or the team of the sending country.


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