"Eyes of the whole world are on this military exercise" - Turkish expert, EXCLUSIVE

Read: 139     14:16     13 September 2021    

At present, for the first time, "Three Brothers - 2021" joint international exercises with the participation of representatives of the Special Forces of Azerbaijan, Turkey and Pakistan are being held in our country. The eyes of the whole world are on this military exercise. The exercise is a message to the world, along with increasing military cooperation and mutual knowledge.

"Cooperation between Turkey, Azerbaijan and Pakistan is not new. In the recent past, before and after the Karabakh war, the common will began to show itself. Now we are witnessing rapid development," Turkish terrorism and security expert Abdullah Agar told Azvision.az.

He noted that this cooperation will yield high results: "This is, in fact, geopolitical cooperation in Asia. Of course, we cannot say this cooperation is in desired level, but there is a will to be there. Everyone saw the results and successes of the strategic cooperation between Turkey and Azerbaijan, and Pakistan wanted to join this cooperation. Many issues, such as the integration, compatibility and coordination of states and power elements are not so simple. On the other hand, in addition to the three states, such cooperation efforts are also being observed in the whole Turkish geography. Of course, time will show. It should be noted that there are forces that do not want this cooperation. This brotherhood and cooperation can also give us a reason to become the target of manipulation and provocation by foreign forces. We must fight against this. As a result, the expression of the brotherly will of Turkey, Azerbaijan and Pakistan is very important, meaningful and valuable. But it is more important to realize it and get results."


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