ANAMA neutralizes explosives in Zangilan - PHOTO

Read: 1596     11:54     31 December 2020    

On December 30th, 2020 ANAMA received an information on the special explosive device placed under the bridge at rocky area in Rezdere village of Zangilan district.

Based on the received information ANAMA's Special mobile operational unit and specially trained Explosive Detection Dogs teams together with Zangilan District's Police Department's personnel have been rapidly deployed to that area. For prevention of the attack which was prepared against the Azerbaijani Armed forces Agency's and Zangilan Police Deptartment's personnel conducted a special joint anti-terror operation in the village territory. As a result of operation the special operation, from under the bridge 1 piece of explosive device (containing: 80 kg plastic explosives, 2 pieces of electric detonators and 20 m detonation cord) and from other rocky area another  1 piece of explosive device (containing: 37 kgplastic explosives, 25 kg amonium-nitrate explosives, 2 pieces of electric detonators va 15 m detonation cord) have been found and destroyed.

Totally, during 29-30 December, 2020 based on information received by Agency and executed anti-terror operations in Rezdere village of Zengilan district from under the 2 bridges and from one other rocky area 3 explosive devices (containing 275 kg plastic explosives, 150 kg amonium-nitrate explosives, 8 pieces of electric detonators and 65 m detonation cords) found and destroyed.

ANAMA's special mobile operation teams and the personnel of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Azerbaijan Republic continue their joint search-operations activities in regions liberated from the enemy occupation.



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