Azerbaijani soldier martyred in Armenian provocation laid to rest

Read: 1839     18:11     14 July 2020    

Azerbaijani Army soldier, senior soldier Elshad Denmez oglu Mammadov, born in 1996, who became a martyr as a result of the Armenian provocation. Elshad was laid in rets in the Agdam village, where battles are taking place. He is the eleventh martyr of the village. Members of the martyr's family, intellectuals and companions from the town attended the funeral ceremony.

Martyr's father, Donmez Mammadov, residents of the Pergar Hasanov village, Isa Aliyev expressed their confidence that the enemy will receive a worthy response, the blood of our martyrs will be avenged.

It should be noted that units of the Armenian armed forces launched an artillery attack to take our positions towards Tovuz, on the border between Azerbaijan and Armenia. The enemy withdrew with losses. Currently, the operational situation is under the control of our army.


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