For 30 years, OSCE Minsk Group failed to produce results regarding Karabakh conflict - analyst

Read: 1361     13:34     24 July 2021    

For 30 years, the Minsk Group failed to produce results in regards to Karabakh conflict, Robert M. Cutler, a fellow of the Canadian Global Affairs Institute, wrote in an article to Foreign Policy agency

In an article named “The Minsk Group Is Meaningless” the author wrote that events have overtaken 30 years of diplomatic inertia.

“It is highly unlikely the OSCE can find another role, not only because the Minsk Group has lost whatever little influence it may once have had, but because this is no longer the 1990s,” the article said.

The author added that the French President Emmanuel Macron has irremediably discredited France as a Minsk Group co-chair by taking Armenia’s side in public declarations, thus breaching necessary diplomatic neutrality.

In Cutler’s words, for the Minsk Group to have any role at all, it would require not only new co-chairs but also new terms of reference.

“But events are moving and will continue to move too fast for cumbersome large-scale, multilateral OSCE diplomacy to keep up. Proposals for economic and political cooperation in the region itself, including but not limited to Turkey’s “six-way platform” proposal (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iran, Russia, and Turkey), are much more vital and dynamic than political schemata sketched in foreign ministries thousands of miles from the scene,” Cutler added.

The only way to resolve the conflict once and for all is a formal peace treaty between Armenia and Azerbaijan, Cutler wrote.



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