Turkish Army to deploy Hisar missiles to boost air defence

Read: 1850     10:46     12 July 2021    

Turkey's Hisar A+ air defence missile system has been delivered with all its elements and the Hisar O+ system has reached the mass production stage, according to the head of the country's top defence body, contributing to the aim of establishing a layered air defence system, Daily Sabah reports.

Ismail Demir, chairperson of the Presidency of Defence Industries (SSB), gave an update on the country's first domestıcally produced air defence system on Twitter.

He shared a video of a Hisar O+ missile destroying a high-speed target at long range and high altitude.

Hisar missiles are defence weapons developed to protect military bases, ports, facilities and troops against air-based threats. They meet the needs of the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) by providing a low- and medium-altitude air defence security system.

Components of the Hisar A+ system, such as radars, command and control, and fire controls, have been made by defence giant Aselsan, while another local company, Roketsan, was responsible for the development of the missile system.

The warhead was developed by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey’s (TÜBITAK) Defence Industries Research and Development Institute (SAGE). The system, which has 360-degree efficiency, can engage and fire at six targets at the same time.

The Hisar A+ system has a range of 15 kilometers (9.3 miles) while that of the Hisar O+ system reaches 25 kilometers.

These missile systems are set to be effective against invading aircraft, helicopters, cruise missiles, unmanned aerial vehicles and air-to-ground missiles.

All elements of the Hisar A+ system were delivered to the TSK. These include the autonomous Hisar A+, the Self-Propelled Autonomous Low Altitude Air Defence Missile System (AIHSFS) and Towed AIHSFS.

The autonomous Hisar A+ will perform the air defence mission of armored mechanized and mobile units. The system is known for its short reaction times, ability to move in difficult terrain conditions and change positions quickly.

The Self-Propelled Autonomous Hisar A+ can perform its duty fully autonomously through the 3D search radar, command control and fire control it contains. Towed AIHSFS, meanwhile, is a missile launch system in which the command control and fire control functions will be performed by the Fire Management Device.

Meanwhile, the Hisar O+ air defence missile system was able to destroy the high-speed target at long range and high altitude in its latest warhead test fire, which allowed it to enter the mass production stage.

The Hisar O+ system has an organizational infrastructure in the battery and battalion structures. The system consists of a Fire Control Center, Missile Launch System, Medium Altitude Air Defence Radar, Electro-Optical System, Infrared Seeker Missile and RF Seeker Missiles.


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