Raytheon demonstrates how advanced missile defence works

Read: 2513     17:04     08 August 2019    

The U.S. defence manufacturing giant Raytheon has released footage showed how modern sensors, command-and-control systems and interceptors work together to track and eliminate ballistic missiles, Defence.az reports citing Defence-Blog.

The major role of cutting edge missile defence system is a deploy a layered ballistic missile defence system to defend the United States, its deployed forces, allies and friends from limited ballistic missile attacks of all ranges in all phases of flight.

Currently, the improved systems work in tandem with other ground, air, satellite, and shipboard early warning detection systems feeding the global array used to track, triangulate and ultimately intercept hostile missile threats.

The company’s website said Raytheon’s breakthrough missile defence technologies enable sensors to see farther. They mean command-and-control systems can process data faster. And they mean operators can guide interceptors to their targets with even greater precision. Deployed around the world and drawing on the company’s decades-long dedication to reliability and readiness, these technologies are helping the U.S., its friends and allies make the world a safer place.

Countering threats starts with seeing them. Raytheon’s sea, ground and space-based sensors offer a layered approach to detect, discriminate and track those threats across domains.

After detecting a threat, missile defence missions require clarity and control. Raytheon specializes in linking different systems so they operate as a coordinated whole.

And right after that, Raytheon’s missiles and interceptors defeat these threats, from sophisticated ballistic missiles to crude rockets and mortars.




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