PSS-14 Mine Detector

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The AN/PSS-14 revolutionizes landmine detection by combining ground penetrating radar (GPR) and highly sensitive metal detector (MD) technology using advanced data fusion algorithms. This unique combination enables the system to reliably and consistently detect anti-personnel (AP) and anti-tank (AT) mines and to reject the detection of metallic clutter, increasing operator confidence and efficiency.

In order to maximize operational effectiveness and efficiency, the AN/PSS-14 offers the highest probability of detection of any handheld system along with a minimal false alarm rate. The system maintains this level of performance across all environmental conditions and soil types, including those that are heavily mineralized.

Specifically designed for the soldier, the AN/PSS-14 went into full-rate production as the U.S. Army’s standard mine detector in 2006.

The GPR is based on a wide-band, coherent, stepped frequency radar transceiver. The search head contains one transmit and two receive antennas. The transmit antenna produces continuous wave, low power radar. As the search head passes over the surface of the ground and radar waves strike a discontinuity in the soil, some waves are reflected back to the receive antennas and processed by the system.

An advanced metal detector coil encompasses the diameter of the sensor head. Passing the current through the MD coil creates an electromagnetic field that induces an electrical current in any metal object that might be buried in the soil. The sensor head detects this secondary electromagnetic field and responds with an alarm, alerting the soldier to the possible presence of a mine.
Exceptional performance is achieved using unique data fusion algorithms, which allow the operator to effectively discriminate between metallic clutter and actual mines. The algorithms are based on terrain modelling using a real-time novelty methodology. As the operator advances, the terrain model is continuously updated, enabling the system to automatically adapt to varying soil conditions. Potential mine detection alerts are provided to the operator via audio alert signals.


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