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Italy rejects Armenian scholar's participation in int’l workshop due to Karabakh-related research

Read: 3269     16:26     08 February 2018    
An Armenian scholar has been banned from taking part in the International Workshop on Constructing Kurgans: Burial Mounds and Funerary Customs in the Caucasus, Northwestern Iran and Eastern Anatolia during the Bronze and Iron Age to be held on March 29-30 in Florence, Italy.

Associate of Armenia’s Institute of Archaeology Academy of Sciences Nzhdeh Yeranyan told Armenian media as his research is about the occupied Nagorno Karabakh region, his appeal to participate in the workshop was rejected.

“I was told conducting archaeological research on disputed territories is prohibited in accordance with the legislation of UNESCO and Karabakh is a conflict zone”, he mentioned.

Though Yeranyan objected to the decision, nothing changed.

Banu Salmanli
Sabina Hasanova

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