"Polad-Hashimov" sözünə uyğun 31 nəticə tapıldı!

General and Colonel of Azerbaijani army martyred 

Read: 1814     13:25     14 July 2020    

"On the night of July 13-14, heavy fighting continued in the Tovuz region. During the battles, by using artillery, mortars and tanks, the Azerbaijani armed forces destroyed a stronghold, bombshells, vehicles and servicemen on the territory of the Armenia’s military unit," Deputy Defense Minister, Lieutenant General Karim Valiyev told reporters. 

K.Valiyev noted that the Azerbaijani Army also suffered losses as a result of the battles.  Major General Hashimov Polad and Colonel Ilgar Mirzayev were heroically killed during the battle in the morning. 


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