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Russia's Unified Information System eliminates provocation against Azerbaijan

Read: 229     12:56     09 September 2021    

The website of the Unified Information System of Russia eliminated a technical error concerning procurement issues, due to which Azerbaijan expressed its protest to Russia, Defence.az reports. 

Azerbaijan conveyed its protest to Russia through diplomatic channels due to mentioning the so-called ‘Nagorno-Karabakh Republic’ on Russian Unified Trade Information System's official website (zakupki.gov.ru) in the tender announcement on services for Russian peacekeepers temporarily stationed on Azerbaijan's territory.

In the protest, it was delivered to the Russian side’s attention that showing of such wrong information doesn’t correspond to the spirit of friendly relations and cooperation between the two countries.

The place where the tender was announced for servicing the military camp of the Russian peacekeeping forces was changed, to 'territory located beyond Russia'.


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