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U.N. Security Council meets over N. Korean missiles

Read: 67     11:06     16 September 2021    

The U.N. Security Council held an emergency meeting behind closed doors Wednesday after North Korea launched two short-range ballistic missiles toward the Sea of Japan the same day, informed sources said.

The meeting held based on a request by France and Estonia, did not result in a statement on the matter. The ballistic missile launch by North Korea violates Security Council sanctions resolutions against the country.

In talks with reporters after the meeting, Nicolas de Riviere, France's ambassador to the United Nations, condemned the ballistic missile launch, saying that North Korea engaged in a clear violation of the resolutions.

He urged North Korea to abide by the resolutions and resume dialogue with international society, stressing that he understands the concerns of the East Asia region as the missiles fell within Japan's exclusive economic zone.

In the meeting, Security Council member nations only shared their opinions on the launch and did not draw up a joint statement. The last Security Council meeting on North Korean ballistic missiles, held in March, also did not produce a joint document due to opposition by Russia, which said that the time was for evaluating the situation, not for action.


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